Sunday, February 17, 2008

Societal control and the goals of the politically correct

The goal of the proponents of political correctness is indeed societal control. After all, if they can stop us from saying certain things that might offend others, they can control our freedom of speech. If they can keep us from expressing our religious beliefs in public, they can control our freedom of religion. If they can muzzle talk radio, they can control our freedom to listen to what we want to. If they can control the news networks, and limit their abilities, they can control our right of the press. If they can stop us from peaceable assembly, they can control our right to protest the things we do not believe in.

The list is endless, but the end result is the same: political correctness has weakened our freedoms and will continue to do so until we wake up to its potential hazards. It's funny how, in a society, if you say something often enough, people will believe it to be true, even if it is blatantly false. This has happened numerous times in the US and throughout the world, as certain sections of society repeat their message ad nauseum, until you begin to hear others in the mainstream repeating it as gospel.

This has happened with the political correctness movement. It started out small, seeking not to offend certain people. Public awareness campaigns advertised the message until everyone had heard it. People began to act as if it was horrible if someone didn't believe it. Soon it will become a "hate crime" to offend someone else in word or deed.

In effect, what political correctness does is brainwash the population so that they won't object when our Bill of Rights is watered down so effectively that we will no longer have rights at all.

Let's take Don Imus for an example. Should he have said what he did? Probably not, it was crass if nothing else, but the results were blown so out of proportion to the deed that inspired it. So, down goes Imus. Another victory for the politically correct, because they have eliminated someone who exercises his right to free speech, even though it might offend some.

Now lets talk about a certain Newswoman who recently said * Jesus. Is that offensive - you bet, but she received only a week suspension after protests from citizens. I guess political correctness doesn't extend to Christians.

And, you know what? I am offended that she said that about Jesus. However, I will turn off her show and not support it or her advertisers. I won't bring a frivolous lawsuit alleging that she "offended" me to the point of extreme harm. There are other ways to deal with offensive people than by forcing them to curtail their freedom of speech. Send them a letter, boycott them, turn them off, but respect their right to free speech.

After all, if we limit someone else's free speech, we are also limiting our own. The goal of the politically correct is indeed to control our society, and we should stand up for freedom of speech, for ourselves and everyone else. It is only as we fight those who would control us, seeking to change us from within, that we truly achieve victory and true freedom of speech.

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