Thursday, February 21, 2008

NYT vs. McCain

Ah, the gloves have come off and the former fave is now open for attack. I doubt if anyone is surprised at the New York Times attack on McCain. They did support him until he became the front-runner for the Republican nomination, but now we're getting down to an us vs. them free for all. You know such a liberal leaning paper is NOT going to support a Republican, not even one who has been favored as a "maverick" in the past.

Conspiracy theories are bouncing off the walls of the internet, but I think I favor this one: McCain has been courting the true conservatives and saying things like "no new taxes". Maybe as he attempts to court those of us who think he's too liberal to be a real conservative has caused the NYT and it's ilk to believe this guy could actually pull off getting elected president. They sure can't have that!

They wanted him for our Republican nominee, but why? Did they think McCain would never pull the right into his web? Maybe the reverse is true. Maybe they wanted to shove McCain into the good graces of the right? After all, an attack in the NYT is tantamount to saying he's too conservative for them.

Who knows, and really, who cares. McCain will come out of this just fine, maybe even better off. NYT will go on doing what they've always done, and none of us will be surprised: politics as usual. Home Page

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