Friday, February 22, 2008

NYT -- Inbred?

It has been suggested that the New York Times needs to hire outside it's own little think-tank. In their "drive-by" hit on McCain, they have eliminated all doubt about their liberal agenda. In fact, they have raised doubt about their ability to report news, even among their fellow liberals.

McCain will rise from this hit with more support than ever, but the NYT may have suffered a mortal hit of their own doing. Believe it or not, standards to exist for good reporting. Unfortunately, NYT has decided they are above those standards. They don't even make a show of conforming to those standards any more.

I personally look on this with anticipation. Maybe, just maybe people will begin to see where the liberal left is trying to lead this country and take a step back by their vote in November. We cannot be a Democratic nation and a socialist nation. We cannot remain the USA we have come to know and love and still become like European countries.

We are great because of who we are. We don't need to become like another country. In fact, if we do, we will no longer be the unique, wonderful country others love to love and love to envy. We will not survive unless we take a look at what really makes us great and tell everyone we don't want to become a socialist nation through our vote.

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