Friday, August 29, 2008

My grandkids!!!

I adore my new grandson. I might have to give my husband his walking papers and make him the new man in my life. He is freakishly similar to his dad in looks and temperment, so it's like looking into the past sometimes. Besides loving him because he's my grandson (and my first one), I also love the memories he evokes of my first baby.

I also have two little granddaughters who I adore. I didn't get them until they were older, but I thank God every day for his wisdom in sending their mother, Amanda into our life. She is the perfect wife for my son and brings the added benefit of my Rissa Roo (Klarissa) and my Kersty poo (Kerstin). I knew I had won them over when they started fighting over who got the first hug.

When they became my grandchildren, I wrote and illustrated a children's book about the experience just for them. I hope to have this book published some day, but they have their own copy so they can remember how they came into my heart.

I'm almost finished with my purse! My last purse broke and I was frustrated trying to find one I like. I thought, "You know what, I can just make one!" That was like the "Duh!" moment. So I got some black yarn and some denim grey yarn, decided how I was going to do it and got busy. I need a BIG purse. Anyway, I just put the finishing stitches in the liner, so sewing it in is the finishing touch.

I love completing a project. I love every part along the way, but there's something about putting that last touch on and knowing you made that. Well, time to get ready for the gkids visit.

Back to Politics: McCain's VP

I am so excited for the first time in a while about the political scene thanks to John McCain's choice for VP. I didn't think she was even under consideration, but when I heard the news it just clicked. Brilliant! In one fell swoop, McCain has undercut Obama in several ways.

1) Attention was back on the Republicans in a big way.
2) His campaign is also historical (first woman VP).
3) All the things Obama says about McCain - out of touch, too old, too much like Bush, etc. gets cut off at the knees with this candidate. She has fought against government corruption and has a new, but stellar reputation (unlike Obama)...
4) McCain stands a very good chance of picking up Hillary's disenfranchized voters who are angry that she didn't get the nomination and didn't even get considered for VP.

As a political writer, this is great stuff. Maybe this will give me the momentum to keep writing through the next two months until election time gets here. I know it increases my hopes of keeping Obama out of office. McCain may not be my first choice, but he sure looks better than the alternative. This choice (VP) could make all the difference, because Biden sure wasn't a good choice for the other side.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Long time, no see

I've been rather busy and not getting in here like I should. I still haven't exactly decided what I want to do with this blog, so from here on out, I'm going to talk about whatever I want to: Family, Politics, Crochet, Knitting, and much more. I have a tendency to overthink things, thus paralyzing myself. At least I know my weaknesses:)

Today my oldest Son, his wife and my grandchildren will arrive at my home at around 6pm. I am SO EXCITED. I've spent the last week trying to get the house in shape and put away all my "piles", especially the one of doll clothes I'm making the girls for Christmas. Ready or not, here they come! We live about 2 1/2 hours apart, so any time I get to see them is a pleasure.

They will be back next week sans parents, and we're all going to Michigan for a family reunion. That's a long way to travel with three kids (6, 4, 7mo)but it will be an adventure. My daughter is going along, so hopefully she will help out (age 21). We're going to spend at least one night there since it's such a trip with small children. I wouldn't have had any qualms if it were my children, but I'm not as young as I was when it was my kids and I get tired easily. Ah well, it's all good.

I've been doing a LOT of crocheting. My husband thinks I opened up a yarn shop. That's not such a bad idea. I do have a tendency to over project myself and wind up with projects all over the place in various stages of development. I'm trying to get the newest grandson's Christmas stocking and doll clothes for the girls finished early so I don't have to stress as much over Christmas.

My husband has been off work for 6 months now. He was at his company for 32 years! They moved us to our current location and then downsized him. God always takes care of us though, so I'm not worried, just praying and waiting to see what God is going to do. He's never failed me yet.