Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obesity vs. Terrorism?

I first found out about this issue reading a blog by Ben at In it he linked to an article called Obesity more dangerous than terrorism. In essense, the article says that world governments should spend more on "obesity and other 'lifestyle diseases' than on "fighting terrorism, citing the millions who die from diseases trumping the few who die from terrorism.

OK, I get that people may die early from certain diseases, but that's beside the point. What really gets me is the politicizing of obesity. Instead of finding out why more people are fat (and no it's not just because they eat too much and don't exercise) they focus on perpetuating the diet myth making millions feel helpless and hopeless as more and more people judge them or join them. How about focusing on all the additives put in food and the other hidden things that cause addictions to food and harm our body's metabolism.

Enough on that soapbox, my point is that governments need to focus on terrorism till it is stomped out. Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups are focused on taking down the US and other world powers. As long as they exist they are a grave danger and should be our focus while not losing our focus on problems at the home front as well.

Let's not get distracted from the very real danger of terrorism by a political obsession with trying to make everyone healthy. You're not my Momma, and you don't know me, so don't assume you do. My health is my problem (don't send me messages telling me about costs...), terrorism is everyone's problem. I may die early if I have health issues but our country may die if we don't keep vigilant watch on terrorism.

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