Thursday, February 14, 2008

As we head down the stretch toward the Republican and Democrat convention, we have had an exciting race. Hillary thought she had the nomination in the bag and may have overestimated the loyalty of some of her supporters. How in the world did McCain rise to the top of the Republican barrel? Ah well, such is the excitement of politics. As US Elections steward at, I am deeply involved in keeping on top of what's going on in the elections and writing about it or finding good writers to write on the topics. I've fastened my seat-belt and readied for the trip. I will post some of my articles here as we go along as well as adding blog posts such as this one. I hope you will enjoy the ride with me. Comments are welcome at all times. Keep it clean please, even if you disagree, but share - after all, a free sharing of ideas is what a democracy is all about!

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