Thursday, February 18, 2010

hOOters: Undercover Boss

Last week on Undercover Boss, the head guy at Hooters went incognito to some of his stores. Despite the fact that one of the managers was totally exploiting the waitresses and the statements of several women who said Hooters exploits the women, el bosso just didn't get it. He hired a couple of the girls for PR to help improve Hooter's image in the eye of the public as they have been losing business.

I don't have a problem with the outfits these girls wear if there was just a bit more of them. I know I'm probably different, but I do not like to look at other people's personal body parts as I'm eating! Butt and sandwich do not go together in my book. Wear them tight if you want, but for pete's sake, cover up the boobs and butts!

The women said Hooters exploits their waitresses, but what they really mean is this: No woman in her right mind wants her man slobbering all over the waitress while he's with her (or any other time). If you want good wings, sorry, but Hooters is not the only place to get them.

I personally think the boss would do better if he would faze the "sex" out of his business and concentrate on the food. You can't build good PR with half of the world's population when you continue to exploit women and male lust as part of your restaurant.

I've never been there, and I never will be if they don't get the point. No loss on either of our parts, I guess, but if the guy is sincere in his desire to build clientelle, he needs to understand why women feel as they do. Put your bottoms and hooters away - leave a little mystery - and maybe Hooters will fare well in the future.

Thanks to a couple of my wonderful facebook friends, I realized the consequences of Hooters are much more widespread than I even thought. Males, especially teenage males, are visual creatures with a quick trigger. To bring them to a place that makes it easy for them to lust, encourages them to sin. The Bible tells us that to lust after a woman is to commit adultery. You get my point?

Another thing is the influence on girls. Would I want my daughter working there? Absolutely not! Would I want to bring my girl there? Nope to that as well. I'm sure there are more reasons Hooters needs to reconsider and desexualize the help,but this gets us started. Civil comments are welcome.

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