Friday, August 29, 2008

My grandkids!!!

I adore my new grandson. I might have to give my husband his walking papers and make him the new man in my life. He is freakishly similar to his dad in looks and temperment, so it's like looking into the past sometimes. Besides loving him because he's my grandson (and my first one), I also love the memories he evokes of my first baby.

I also have two little granddaughters who I adore. I didn't get them until they were older, but I thank God every day for his wisdom in sending their mother, Amanda into our life. She is the perfect wife for my son and brings the added benefit of my Rissa Roo (Klarissa) and my Kersty poo (Kerstin). I knew I had won them over when they started fighting over who got the first hug.

When they became my grandchildren, I wrote and illustrated a children's book about the experience just for them. I hope to have this book published some day, but they have their own copy so they can remember how they came into my heart.

I'm almost finished with my purse! My last purse broke and I was frustrated trying to find one I like. I thought, "You know what, I can just make one!" That was like the "Duh!" moment. So I got some black yarn and some denim grey yarn, decided how I was going to do it and got busy. I need a BIG purse. Anyway, I just put the finishing stitches in the liner, so sewing it in is the finishing touch.

I love completing a project. I love every part along the way, but there's something about putting that last touch on and knowing you made that. Well, time to get ready for the gkids visit.

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