Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to Politics: McCain's VP

I am so excited for the first time in a while about the political scene thanks to John McCain's choice for VP. I didn't think she was even under consideration, but when I heard the news it just clicked. Brilliant! In one fell swoop, McCain has undercut Obama in several ways.

1) Attention was back on the Republicans in a big way.
2) His campaign is also historical (first woman VP).
3) All the things Obama says about McCain - out of touch, too old, too much like Bush, etc. gets cut off at the knees with this candidate. She has fought against government corruption and has a new, but stellar reputation (unlike Obama)...
4) McCain stands a very good chance of picking up Hillary's disenfranchized voters who are angry that she didn't get the nomination and didn't even get considered for VP.

As a political writer, this is great stuff. Maybe this will give me the momentum to keep writing through the next two months until election time gets here. I know it increases my hopes of keeping Obama out of office. McCain may not be my first choice, but he sure looks better than the alternative. This choice (VP) could make all the difference, because Biden sure wasn't a good choice for the other side.

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  1. John Mccain inspires me and I think he would be the perfect choice for America. He is in touch with the public and he makes me want to have friends in the oil industry too. He would be great with economics(he knows how to make 5 million dollars), and he would lower taxes and increase our national debt.
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