Monday, April 5, 2010

How many people do you have in your life that you can actually say are worth the pain?

The question is how many people do you have in your life that you can actually say are worth the pain?

Everyone I keep in my life is worth the pain! All relationships involve pain at some time, and all good relationships have gone through a great deal of pain. It is through conflict that we discover one another and learn about ourselves.

Right now, my father is at the point of his life where he can no longer live alone. He was a pastor till last year, but his health is deteriorating. This means I travel 2 1/2 hours south to his home to take care of him and make sure he makes his doctor's appointments when needed. It also means bringing him to my home and taking care of him by feeding him and monitoring his insulin intake and sugar.

Now, my dad is an extremely stubborn man, and taking care of him is not the easiest thing I've ever done. In fact it's downright painful at times. However, this is my father, and he is worth any pain that might come my way to help him out, even if he doesn't want helped.

This is an extreme example, but if you are truly a friend, you will endure pain when it comes. If you don't know how to have deep relationships, you will jump ship when the pain comes along and find yourself alone in the end. Caring for others involves pain and risk, but it's always worth it in the end.

Keep reading after this statement, I have a bit more to say. This is my reply to the above question posed by "Colors Magazine"@

Arent we glad Jesus never asked that question? He went through the greatest pain imaginable for us because He loved us and thought of us as worth the pain!

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  1. just dropped by to say that I really liked your comment on my post. It is really true that no relationship goes smoothly and if we let go of everyone who hurts us we soon will be alone. And people we care about are worth anything we can give them.


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